Update On :

Mesra Indah Jaya (MIJ) carries out our vision according to the concept of MIJ(Mesra, Ikhlas, Jujur):

MESRA: (FRIENDLY) Workers are trained, efficient, reliable, competent and diciplined in providing services of "Mesra Sampai ke Pintu" or "Friendly to the Door" as well as easy to be reached through various communication network mediums including social media sites.
IKHLAS: (SINCERE) Customers are worthy of receiving sincere and fair services for each service provided because we are commited in giving the best, most responsive, fast and satisfying sevice.
JUJUR: (HONEST) We practice the importance of honesty and transparency in the way we work because we realize that work is a form of 'ibadah' or servitude. Therefore, 3% of the service charge will be channeled to prayer rooms and mosques on point with our concept that gives priority to religion.